Metastatic Breast Cancer Under The Microscope

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Metastatic breast cancer is less known to the general public. As the name suggests, it is about breast cancer with metastases. Metastases may manifest themselves in a recurrence (relapse) or already from the outset in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

When breast cancer spreads …
Metastases are tumors that arise from cancer cells that have detached themselves from the original tumor (the primary tumor). In breast cancer cells are therefore of the breast tissue that spread through the lymphatic or blood vessels to other organs and establish itself, multiply and form new tumors, metastases so. Sometimes keep the cancer cells are in an organ in a kind of a sleep state and are at a given moment under the influence of wake largely indefinite factors.

Also, if the new tumor is located in another organ, for example, the bone, the cancer cells are of the same as the tumor cells of the primary tumor. In this case, therefore, the cancer cells of the breast cancer cells and none of the bone. But it is a breast cancer metastasis and not bone cancer.

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The Disadvantages Of Self Tanner Circumvent

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The biggest mistake in the use of self-tanners …
Is often the excessive use of this product, so that the skin is orange yellow or too brown. But there are many remedies. The simplest is: wait for blurring the spontaneous self tanner, which takes about one week.

This option is perfectly feasible when the “distressed” zone can cover easily, but is less obvious when it comes to the face.
To solve that problem, you can apply a gentle exfoliation to your skin.

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Honey And Our Health

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Honey is good for all types of wounds
Honey has a strong bactericidal effect also helps heal wounds. Because of these two properties is honey very useful in the treatment of wounds, for wounds in nestle microbes very often, also the notorious resistant bacteria in the hospital environment where, as much as is to do. Honey is now moreover, used in hospitals for so-called “difficult” wounds, such as in newborn children or cancer patients. The majority of the results is positive to very positive. Honey works apparently well on certain bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

But be careful, of course, is not sufficient to explain ordinary honey from the store for sandwiches on a cut! Medical honey is produced in special circumstances and is specially made for medical circles (as in the form of relationships) and used under the supervision of a nurse.

Honey against cancer?

Honing could also block the spread of cancer cells. At present it does just to get a result from the laboratory. Scientists have cancer cells brought into contact with honey and found that the cells proliferate less rapidly. This effect is therefore provisionally only theoretical and it will still be a long time before any applications are available for cancer patients.

Honey in nutrition: attention …
Honey is often presented as a healthy food. It does contain a lot of antioxidants and is less harmful for diabetics than sugar. But the quantities we eat it, are too small to have more than a modest effect on our health.

Some tips to eat honey in the right way:

Enjoy it in moderation. Honey or less harmful than fine white sugar, but it remains a sugar and it is very high in calories. A thin layer on sandwiches, may a bit of tea; but with coffee spoons of food is not a good idea!

Always choose honey from local produce and organic farming.

Never give honey to children under one year. Cases of botulism established.

How to do pansement?

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The new look of modern connection

There used to be simple strips or patches that were blocking the wound of any pollutants in the environment. They were unaesthetic, little or no resistance to water and had a double inconvenience: they came paradoxically easy release and if you pulled them off, you moaned in pain! Not to mention the ugly traces they bequeathed.

For several years, pharmaceutical labs, however, understood that context urgently needed a new look. Connection is now also be transparent, as well as in the gel and in spray form. Moreover also has modern context, a number of new features. Some alleviate suffering burns or blisters and prevent infections. But how does this “intelligent” connection? And how should it be used?

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